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Market Overview

We publish two market reports each month with detailed overviews about where the market stands.

In terms of market share, Keller Williams sells more properties than any other brand across every single price bracket.

Pricing Strategy

We leverage buyer psychology to get you the most money.

We create an auction effect by demonstrating the most value on the market for the price and driving competition between buyers rather than the buyer negotiating against you.

We look at real buyers who have purchased properties similar to yours to determine relevant properties which leads us to our price recommendation.

This pricing pyramid shows price variances from the market affect our showing capability.

A Cutting Edge Approach

The art of selling a property comes in the science of marketing to deliver the BEST result.

Worldwide Reach

96% of homebuyers start their home search online so we cast a wide net to capture potential buyers across the internet

Hyperlocal Impact

We continue our marketing strategy by getting hyperlocal and ensuring that we capture every potential buyer in our local market.

Influential Messaging

We are connected to some of the most influential communities both locally and on the international real estate scale – and your property is our priority.

Maximum Exposure

We start by going BIG – making sure that your home looks incredible online and is in front of the right people, at the right time.

Your Home's Story, Told Digitally

We tell your property’s story through stunning professional photography, gorgeous virtual tours and an emotion-evoking digital neighborhood tour.

Optimized For An International Audience

Your listing will be translated into 19 languages and distributed in 55 countries across 500+ websites.

Digital Marketing Ninjas At Your Service

We hired the most innovative marketing company in real estate to leverage millions of datapoints to put your property in front of qualified and motivated buyers.

Hyperlocal Impact

Listing Launch Event

We curate a select group of prospective buyers and neighbors to preview the property. This event heightens potential buyer’s euphoria and instills urgency.

Buyer Instant Capture Signs

We capture prospective buyers when they are at their peak of curiosity – right in front of your property. Where allowed, we include a text sign to capture their information and buyers are followed up with in five minutes or less.

Neighborhood Campaign

Buyers often find out about a neighborhood because they visit a friend or family member there. We activate your neighbors to drive more interest by mailing the neighbors personalized postcards to let them know your property is for sale.

Leverage My Network As Yours

Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Premier real estate network for marketing luxury homes

KW Sports + Entertainment

Highly selective community of agents catering to the s+e audience

Keller Williams Luxury Division

We sell more luxury real estate than any other brand

Tower Club

Ultimate networking community for successful professionals

Circle of Wise Women

A community of women focused on charitable giving to junior achievement 

United Way Tocqueville Society

Massively influential donor community

Flawless Execution

It all starts with selecting the right offer. Our objective is to create the auction effect to drive up your price so that we can pick the best offer. Beyond price, we will determine the best offer based on the terms of the transaction and you’ll get to watch the offers come in real time with our instant email notification.

In Broward and Dade counties, the buyer chooses the title company which isn’t always managed by an attorney. We bring in our real estate attorney to prepare your closing documents and to ensure that everything is done with your best interest in mind.

Fee Structure

Delivering ultimate flexibility to bring you closer to your biggest goals


  • Market on MLS with detailed description
  • Neighborhood Mailing
  • Driveby Buyer Capture Sign
  • Professional Photography
  • Showings Done Via Supra Lockbox
  • Limited Targeted Ad Budget
  • Printed Flyers


  • Everything In Gold Plus...
  • HD Magazine Quality Photography
  • Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Neighborhood Video Tour
  • Showings Done With Listing Team
  • Increased Targeted Ad Budget
  • One-Hour Staging Consultation
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Listing Launch Event


  • Everything In Platinum Plus...
  • Aerial Photography
  • Home Staging
  • Coordinating of Vendors
  • Cosmetic Enhancement
  • Expanded Targeted Ad Budget
  • Magazine Ad
  • Luxury Printed Brochures

From Beginning To End

We’ll will walk you through each of the steps in the home selling process.

Step 1: Sign Documents

When you’re ready, you’ll sign the listing agreement and necessary disclosures which allow us to get to work for you.

Step 2: Listing Prep

We will get to work on prepping your listing for the market including staging (if necessary), coordinating vendors and photography. We’ll begin teasing your property to our network.

Step 3: Live Launch

Your listing will hit the market and we will begin our online marketing campaign to drive as much traffic to your property as possible.

Step 4: Launch Event

During the listing launch event, we preview your property to a curated list of potential buyers and your neighbors to help drive buzz.

Step 5: Showings

Showings will continue until we have a quality offer.

Step 6: Offer Review

Offer review enables us to negotiate the best terms for your sale to get you closer to your goals.

Step 7: Due Diligence Period

The buyer performs their due diligence period which can range from 7-45 days. Typically, buyers will close within 30 days.

Step 8: Closing

We will close on the property and you’ll receive your funds via wire transfer on closing day. Unless negotiated otherwise, the buyer will take possession of the property on closing day.


With more than __ years of experience helping clients buy and sell residential real estate, I take great pride in each new client I represent. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, are preparing to purchase your dream “forever” home, or are in the market to sell, I’m eager to put my experience and resources to work for you. As an expert in the _____ market, I know firsthand how to effectively negotiate deals on behalf of my clients.

I also understand that buying or selling a home can be a stressful and confusing process, which is why I’m always available to answer questions and explain next steps so that my clients can move through their deals with confidence and peace of mind. My goal is to make myself as accessible as possible to each of my clients to ensure they have the best experience buying or selling a home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to do a launch event?

While we have tested our strategies and proven success with them, we believe that this process should be as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. We will curate a bespoke experience for you that protects your privacy and brings you closer to your goals.

How do I buy and sell at the same time?

Generally, this is done through a simultaneous close which means you close on both transactions at the same time. We have extensive experience in this type of transaction and it is our pleasure to coordinate your experience to make it as smooth as possible.

Is your commission negotiable?

We offer a menu of commission offerings giving you flexible options so that you can pick the professional fee that you are most comfortable paying. Remember, we work for free until your property sells so there is no cost until the deal is done.

Can you help me coordinate vendors?

Yes of course! Due to the nature of coordinating vendors, this service is reflected in our menu of services. Generally, this is most common with vacant properties due to the property owner’s inability to be present for the services.

When only the best will do, we’re the ones to hire.