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Step 1


Have you ever went shopping without your wallet, found an item you like, and the item was gone once you came back with your wallet. Well, that’s what it’s like when viewing homes without a pre-approval. 

This is why pre-approval is the first step in the homebuyer journey. Click the button below to access a list of preferred lenders.

Step 2


Once you’ve been pre-approved it’s time to start the next step which is your buyer consultation.This consultation is focused on you and your goals, answering any questions and outlining a game plan for your purchase. Our time together will make the process less stressful and save tons of time.

Schedule your free consultation by clicking the button below.

Step 3

Intake Form

Just like when you go to the doctor’s office, my intake form digs out all of the information I need to get you started.

This will take less five minutes to complete and will make sure I never miss a detail.

Step 4

Find the One

Whether you decide to go the resale or new construction route, you can start shopping for the perfect property for your goals and your lifestyle.

Step 5


I will be there to guide you to the end. Finding the home is just the beginning. I’ll consult you throughout the negotiation process, inspections, appraisal, and you getting the keys to your new home! Don’t worry I’ll still be around if you have any questions after the process.